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What’s Lemon 8? TikTok’s sister app defined


Sep 19, 2023

You heard that proper – there’s one other social media app on the town. Lemon8, TikTok’s sister app, launched globally in early 2023, giving social media entrepreneurs one other platform to find out about.

This text will educate you all about what the app is, whether or not it is price investing any time in, and how one can begin utilizing it for enterprise.

Let’s get began.

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What’s Lemon 8?

Lemon8 is a brand new social media app created by ByteDance, the creators of Lemon8 The very popular TikTok application.

Designed as a lifestyle app, Lemon8 is like a mix of Instagram and Pinterest. It’s full of photos but allows users to share recipes, outfits, travel guides, and more.

Popular categories on Lemon8 include:

  • fashion
  • makeup
  • skin care
  • Travel
  • Health and wellness
  • fitness
  • food

This means that Lemon8 can be a go-to place for visual branding in these industries.

But is it here to stay?

While Lemon8 had a very successful start, its momentum has slowed. In its first few months, Lemon8 was one of the most downloaded lifestyle apps in the United States, Generating 4.1 million users In only a few months. After first launching in Japan in 2020, the app had greater than 17 million customers by mid-2023.

Today, that exercise appears to have declined. The info reveals that the app The number of daily active users has dropped by almost halfgoing from practically 12,000 to only over 6,000 in simply months.

Regardless, Lemon8 seems to have initially gained reputation with many TikTok creators — a younger consumer base consisting largely of Gen Zers.

Since it could be sensible for manufacturers to strengthen their place on the platform earlier than it turns into over-saturated, any visible model that caters to Era Z ought to contemplate including Lemon8 to their social media technique.

How are you going to use Lemon8 for enterprise?

For those who’re trying to get forward of the curve, it is a good place to begin eager about whether or not Lemon8 is true for your enterprise and find out how to use it strategically. Listed here are some suggestions based mostly on fashionable content material we see that may give you a soar begin in your Lemon8 advertising technique.

Create photograph carousels

image A carousel – just like on other platforms – is a post with multiple swipeable images. Here’s an example of what this looks like in Lemon8:

This week's dinner menu from Catherine GrayShells stuffed with spinach and ricottaChicken tacoChipotle Türkiye Burger BowlsHoney Chipotle Chicken Dishes

Image carousels are one of the most popular post types on Lemon8, so if you want to see success on the platform, they should be one of the core elements of your strategy.

Come up with a theme for your carousel photo. The above focuses on meal planning, with the creator sharing her planned menu for the week as well as recipes and photos of each dish.

Other options include:

  • Weekly outfit inspiration
  • Nail art
  • New product releases
  • Top 5-10 lists
  • Life hacks
  • Skin care/beauty tips
  • Workout procedures

Since Lemon8 is very lifestyle-focused, you’ll want to mention your brand/products in a way that feels like life advice rather than a promotion.

Take advantage of Lemon8’s editing tools

Make your cover photo stand out. This is one of the best ways to attract attention and get users to click on your post to view more. This post is Lemon8 He shares some nice suggestions for enhancing your cowl pictures.

However let’s check out some well-designed examples that may assist you to seize your viewers’s consideration.

I loved this popular book on Kindle Unlimited with design and text editing featuresInspirational images of summer nails and smiley facesHow do I plan my 2023 vision board

Various kinds of textual content, shapes, arrows, and doodles may help draw consideration to components of your cowl photograph and create a particular design. There are additionally templates that can assist you discover a place to begin for designing your cowl photograph.

Moreover, just like TikTok, utilizing Lemon8’s built-in enhancing instruments will seemingly make the algorithm need to enhance your content material. It makes your content material look genuine, prefer it belongs on the platform.

Enhancing instruments accessible on the platform embrace:

  • Templates
  • Picture retouching
  • Labeling the product
  • Textual content overlays
  • attachments
  • slicing machine

Be relatable

Develop a relatable voice in your posts on Lemon8. You will see a lot of emojis, creators calling one another “ladies,” exclamation marks, and extra.

Create a persona that wishes to see others succeed, supporting the individuals in your target market and serving to them discover higher options – ideally by way of your enterprise and services or products.

Mix Instagram and Pinterest methods

Lemon8 is mainly a mix of Instagram and Pinterest. Assume Instagram photograph carousels and captions with Pinterest content material.

Mix these two methods — or at the very least, the technique you utilize to create Instagram content material and the Pinterest technique for content material calendaring — to create the right content material for Lemon8.

Use catchy captions

From what we are able to see right now, there isn’t any character restrict on Lemon8’s captions — however round 150 phrases appears to be the beneficial quantity. Which implies you have got loads of room to develop additional with the content material you share.

This is an incredible instance of a Lemon8 remark used nicely:

How I use Notion as a life plannerLife goals, meal planner, work and reading list

The post includes images of how the creator uses Notion, and the caption explains each image further. It’s almost like a mini blog – another great way to think about your Lemon8 strategy.

Be sure to take advantage of the space you have in your Lemon8 captions. Use them to project your voice, explain what your followers see in each photo, and more.

Lemon8 also offers a “Caption Ideas” popup to help you get started with your first few posts.

How to start using Lemon8

Are you ready to start using Lemon8 for your business? Follow our five-step guide to create your account, build your strategy, and start participating.

1. Create an account

Start by downloading the Lemon8 app from the App Store on your smartphone. Create an account by choosing your username and password.

Pro Tip: Try to make sure your username matches your brand name and your username/handle on other social media accounts.

Once you have completed this step, you will be asked to select your interests from a list like the one below:

What are your interests, clothing, food, fitness, makeup and wellness

Make sure to choose the interests that are most relevant to your work. This will help you find creators in your niche to follow and engage with.

2. Optimize your profile

Next, you’ll need to optimize your profile the same way you do on every social media platform you create an account on.

this means:

  • Again, make sure your username/handler matches your brand and other social accounts.
  • Create a bio that clearly and concisely explains what your brand does – you only have 80 characters.
  • Add your logo as your profile picture.
  • Connect your other social media accounts – You can add TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and website information to your Lemon8 profile.

3. Follow up on relevant accounts

Once you’ve identified your top interests, start browsing your For You feed to see what’s out there. If you come across posts that are relevant to your business, be sure to follow the creator.

There are two main feeds: “For You” and “Following.” This means that if you build your following list well enough, you will be able to find inspiration and interact with all the users within that specific feed.

Additionally, the more people you follow when you first create your account, the more likely people interested in your products will discover your account and start following you.

4. Create your first Lemon8 post

Soon after you create your account and follow a large number of users, you want to start creating content so they have a reason to follow you again. Create your first Lemon8 post by selecting your topic, creating images, editing them with Lemon8 tools, and creating a helpful caption.

5. Interact with other users

Finally, start interacting regularly with other users on the platform. Comment on posts with this fun and relatable audio. Like and follow posts by users similar to your target audience. Set aside time throughout the day — every day, especially while you’re initially creating your account — to open the app again and interact with as many users as possible.

Frequently asked questions about Lemon8

How is Lemon8 different from TikTok?

Lemon8 is owned by the same company as TikTok, but has a different goal. It’s filled with more photos than video content, and aims to be a lifestyle app similar to Instagram and Pinterest. Lemon8 users often share carousel images with posts surrounding lifestyle topics such as food, fitness, and fashion.

What are the uses of Lemon8?

Lemon8 is used to share lifestyle content. Photos and videos showing how to do things like cooking recipes, designing homes and fashions, creating DIY projects, and more.

How can you be successful at Lemon8?

To see success on Lemon8, choose a niche, create engaging and useful content, interact with other users, and take advantage of Lemon8’s editing tools.

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